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How Long Do Teeth Whitening Results Last?

February 25, 2023 7:19 pm

Do you want a brighter, whiter smile? You may be tempted to try some over-the-counter whitening products at your local grocery store. While store-bought trays and strips may provide some stain removal, professional whitening is much more effective and longer lasting.

Professional teeth whitening has several advantages over store-bought options. The first is that you get better whitening in less time! At Advanced Dentistry of Nevada, MO, we are able to more closely customize your teeth to the shade you want so there’s less guesswork involved. Because the overall whitening process is more effective, your stunning results can last up to six months or even longer!

Good oral hygiene & diet changes

To keep your teeth as white as possible for a longer time, maintain excellent brushing and flossing at home. You can also reduce the occurrence of future stains by limiting how many dark-colored foods and drinks you consume. Red wine, coffee, and tea can be especially staining, so drink less or try to drink them with a straw.

Negative Effects of tobacco

Smoking and tobacco stain teeth a yellow and brown color. If you get your teeth whitened and continue to use tobacco products, your results may not last as long as you would like. You can maintain better results by cutting back on tobacco or quitting completely. Quitting will benefit your overall health too!

Professional Teeth whitening in Nevada, MO

At Advanced Dentistry of Nevada, we love helping patients achieve the bright, white smile they’ve always wanted! Compared to over-the-counter products, professional whitening is safer, more effective, and longer-lasting. Dental insurance is unlikely to cover the cost of teeth whitening since it is an elective cosmetic service, but we offer a variety of affordable payment options.

If you have questions about our teeth whitening services or want to schedule a consultation with our team, please contact us today!

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