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Root Canal Misconceptions Debunked

December 30, 2022 2:51 pm

Your oral health is our priority each time you visit our office! Our team only recommends root canal therapy when we believe it is the best treatment to preserve the health, appearance, and function of your natural smile.

You may be dreading an upcoming root canal procedure due to several common misconceptions about this treatment! Below, we share truths about root canal therapy at Advanced Dentistry of Nevada, MO.

Root Canal Therapy Is Virtually Painless

In the past, root canals were a less than pleasant experience due to the available technology, techniques, and anesthesia. With modern advances in dentistry, this procedure is now efficient and pain-free so patients can experience little to no discomfort during and after their treatment. Root canal therapy actually relieves tooth pain and prevents tooth loss!

Tooth Extractions Are Not Always Better

It may cross your mind that simply removing your tooth is a better option than undergoing a root canal. However, unless your tooth is a problematic wisdom tooth, saving your natural teeth is usually the better option! Although replacement teeth are incredibly advanced nowadays, natural teeth will function, look, and feel superior when you are chewing or speaking. Keeping your natural teeth saves you time and money pursuing a tooth replacement after an extraction.

Root Canals Restore Your Tooth

Your tooth is made of several layers. The innermost layer is called the pulp, which is made of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Damage or irritation of this sensitive layer can result in pain and serious infection. Root canal therapy helps restore the integrity of a compromised tooth by cleaning out the inside and preserving the outer structure. Your natural pulp will be removed, the inner tooth will be cleaned, and the area is filled with a biocompatible material for protection and strength.

Gentle Root Canal Therapy in Nevada, MO

Often, the more you understand about a treatment, the less anxious you feel. If you’re currently experiencing tooth pain or have additional concerns about root canal therapy, please contact Advanced Dentistry of Nevada, MO!

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